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Zoes Face Painting follow strict guidelines for hygiene and use a clean sponge per child, all brushes and sponges are washed and sanitized between each job.

The majority of paints used are Snazaroo (which has a Child Safety Rating), although I also use Grimas and Wolf. These products are not tested on animals and the make up strictly complies with all EU/FDA regulations for cosmetics. They are made specifically for use on the skin and are made from approved cosmetic ingredients. However, with any cosmetics some people may be sensitive to any/all of the ingredients.

Any concerns regarding a possible reaction to face paints please ask for a patch test.

For sanitary reasons, I cannot paint anyone who is, or appears to be suffering from:- open wounds, cold sores, chicken pox, measles, mumps, runny noses, conjunctivitis, infectious skin conditions, eczema, rashes or appears unwell.

I am unable to paint children who will not sit still or appear to be scared of being painted, for their own safety.

To remove face paint, wash with mild face soap and water. Please be aware that some colours may linger depending on the length of time worn, skin type and method of removal, but will soon fade.

I will be as careful as possible when painting, however, I accept no responsibility if face paint gets transferred onto clothing, carpets or other soft furnishings. Clothing that has been in contact with face paint should be COLD soaked overnight in washing powder before washing normally.